1984 , at the age of 21, Thomas Herrmanns created his first live show and has done so ever since, creating approximately one show per year in Germany. His shows always combine comedy and music, sometimes camp and colourful, but always aimed at the largest possible audience.

Those shows were often inspired by forms and trends from New York City, where Hermanns took up residence for some time. His biggest success became – maybe logically- the import of the ur-american showform „Stand up Comedy“ to Germany by founding the QUATSCH COMEDY CLUB in Hamburg in 1992, Germanys first comedy club. This show (interestingly and strangely the only one without music…) runs now under his guidance for over 25 years in the main club in Berlin, in other venues in Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Stuttgart and Munich, on tour in London, Zurich and Hongkong and on television at german tv channel Pro7 and Sky, where Hermanns became nationwide known as the host of the show . Here is the link to the Quatsch Comedy Club world:

As tv host and creative producer Thomas Hermanns also worked for the Eurovision Song Contest National Finale, on the biggest german award shows BAMBI and GOLDEN CAMERA and at the EUROPEAN FILM AWARDS which he hosted three times (in English). Less known as his work as tv host might be his off camera work as writer, director and producer for the following clients, as diverse as Will Ferrell, Markus Schenkenberg or Sister Sledge for whom he created „numbers“ or whole live shows.



Oliver Pocher

Max Giermann

David Kross

Erol Sander

Mary Roos

Netzpiloten AG

Marianne Sägebrecht

Rolando Villazon

Max Mutzke

Roberto Blanco

Fräulein Mencke

Thomas Gottschalk

Joy Fleming

Kai Pflaume

Rúrik Gislason

Sister Sledge

Kim Fisher

Michael Kessler

Xavier Naidoo

Carolin Kebekus

Nile Rodgers

Will Ferrell

Hape Kerkeling

Emmi und Willnowsky

Barbara Schöneberger

Hella von Sinnen

Luke Mockridge

Gayle Tufts

Matthias Matschke

Peggy March


Bülent Ceylan

Anna Loos

Cora Frost

Weather Girls

Enie van de Meijklokjes

Michael Mittermeier


Max Giesinger

Rea Garvey

Georg Uecker

Cindy aus Marzahn



Markus Schenkenberg

Philip Morris

Annette Frier

Dirk Bach

Ina Müller

Eckhart von Hirschhausen

Kaya Yanar

Atze Schröder

Howard Carpendale

CURRENT SHOWS (only shows with international aspects are translated)
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TH Entertainment proudly announces script and direction work for german pop legend SASHA! A brand-new live show that covers his amazing career will start in try outs in Schmidt Theater Hamburg in May 2021 before reaching bigger venues in the singers 50th birthday year 2022. Germanys biggest showman in a show about the man!


Thomas Hermanns was delighted to direct Germanys version of „Strictly come Dancing“ – Germanys most succesful tv show- on its very first arena tour ever in the fall of 2019 and so directing his first Arena concept. Only the biggest rooms in Germany could fit this sold out mega show – with 15 dancers, celebrities, aerial acts and ofcourse the well loved tv jury and host Daniel Hartwig.



THE has a net of show creatives that is based on 30 years of successful live shows.


For corporate clients THE can develop and produce any kind of tailor made live show.


As a consultant THE can check on and/or improve any aspect of an already existing show


As show doctor THE can aid any show in trouble even on short notice and stear them towards success.

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